Horse Environment

at Diettrich Farm

The Turnouts


We understand how important it is for horses to be able to move around outside and visit with their friends. We offer eight roomy dry lots for the horses to exercise and socialize and five acres of grass pastures available for turnout. Owners can also take their horses out to hand graze in designated areas.

The Arena


Our indoor riding arena is 160 feet by 60 feet, with plenty of room to practice and horse around. The arena is bright with good lighting and a well-maintained sand footing. The footing is groomed and watered regularly to provide a comfortable environment for both horses and riders.

The Stable


The original barn was built in 1893 and is still used today. The barn has 10 stalls, two tack rooms, two feed rooms, and a hayloft that can hold up to 7,000 hay bales. In 1997, Diettrich Farm put on an addition with 26 stalls, an office, an additional tack room, and a 160-by-60 indoor arena.

New beginnings start here

at Diettrich Farm.