Wellness Retreats

at Diettrich Farm

Diettrich Farm Signature Retreat

August 5-6 | October 21-22

Your transformation begins the morning you arrive at Diettrich Farm. Prepare to engage in a fun adventure of self-exploration and discovery. During your Signature Retreat, you will develop a spiritual relationship and emotional connection with your horse while discovering valuable insights about yourself. You may bring your own horse or use one of ours. Your horse will have a stall, food, and all the care that the Diettrich Farm horses enjoy.

Refuel: Reconnect with yourself in nature and the beauty that surrounds you.
Heal: Let go of daily stresses, work problems, and relationship challenges. Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded women.
Relax: Let the horses calm you on your journey. Listen to their feedback without feeling pressure and judgment.

Treat yourself to the gift of a life-enhancing experience—you deserve it. Enjoy learning to ride, meditating, journaling, exploring the farm, and meeting new friends. You will walk away feeling recharged and more confident. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

Signature Retreats start Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. and end on Sundays at 12:00 p.m.

Retreat Day 1


As you drive down the gravel road to Diettrich Farm, you will immediately feel a sense of ease and relaxation. Your journey begins as soon as you place your feet on the ground and get to explore the farm. Next, you'll meet the other guests; start to build a bond with your horse through grooming and riding; learn about yourself and others through reflective activities; and enjoy a sense of community during meals and roundtables. It's a full day of learning, challenging yourself, and having fun on the farm, surrounded by nature. Afterward, you will get to experience a peaceful night’s sleep in the quiet countryside.

Welcome Coffee

Arena Riding Lesson

Lunch on the Farm

Arena Games on Horseback

Feed Horses Dinner

Evening Dinner on the Farm

Fireside Chat and Dessert

Reflection and Journaling

Barn Check

Retreat Day 2


An early wake-up call allows you to continue your transformation while greeting the day and all the animals who live on the farm. After saying good morning to the horses and observing morning farm life, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a delicious farm-fresh breakfast. Next, you'll ride bareback in the arena and practice what you have learned about yourself, all while continuing to strengthen your relationship with your horse. Everyone will come together afterward to share what the experience has meant to them and learn how to incorporate this knowledge back into their daily lives. You're sure to leave Diettrich Farm feeling fulfilled, energized, and inspired.

Early Morning Coffee and Light Bites

Feed and Turn Out Horses, Cats, and Chickens

Cowgirl Breakfast on the Farm

Sunday Bareback Riding

Reflection and Roundtable

Diettrich Farm Community

"My 7 year old son Klyde was very excited to go and sad when it ended a week later. Very good place to send your child."

Clyde Prince

"The Diettrich Farm is so much more than horsemanship but uses that as its platform to connect humans and animals (horses, frogs, chickens, dogs, cats, birds and more!). During her time at the Farm, our daughter became more confident, self-aware and independent, deepened her appreciation of nature, and developed new friendships from all over the country that endure."

Cindy Dooley

"It's really an amazing place to be. You can tell Lynn really loves what she does and she loves to share the wonderful world that is horses with her visitors. I highly recommend! Also, there is a BnB on the premises. It's so immaculate &charming. I can't rave enough!"

Ruby Rorschach

"There are so many great things I can say about Diettrich Farm. Such a beautiful place. LYNN IS THE OWNER, such a wonderful woman. Such a tranquil escape. The houses, trees, the whole package. I will for sure return."

Tina Norris

"In the summer of 2020 I signed my daughter up for a week of camp. With COVID & lock down I was witnessing her spark diminish & her spirit start to crack. The first day of camp was literally a saving grace for her, each day I picked her up she didn’t even want to leave. She had so much to share about her activities & what she learned. I felt like she really had a connection to this & we signed her up for weekly lessons."

Brittany Peterson

"Our family of 5 (9, 7 and 5) had an amazing experience at Lynn’s farm. My children enjoyed helping and learned so much during their lessons with Lynn. She is so patient with a loving firmness that the kids responded so well to. We felt like family after our short stay!"

Lindsay Whited

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