The Farm

Everybody's family at Diettrich Farm

Barn Cats and Dogs


Horses aren’t the only animals on the farm. Our barn cats serve as the welcoming committee. Drive-by, Miss Pearl, Pumpkin, and Piper spend their days keeping the property in order and waiting for cuddles from visitors.

Lynn also has three dogs. Lucy is a 13-year-old maternal presence around the farm. Lucy's daughter, Sophia, was born on the first day of summer camp in 2019. Liam, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is the latest addition—a one-year-old gentle giant, weighing in at 100 pounds and counting.

Sweet, Sweet Honey


A sweet little honeybee may fly by while you're on the farm. Don’t worry, they aren’t interested in you! They're on their way to grandma’s garden, looking for sweet nectar among the beautiful flowers she's planted. Grandma tends to four hives and harvests honey every fall. If you're lucky, you might even get a taste.

Farm Fresh Eggs


Diettrich Farm is home to King, the rooster, and his flock of hens. Some of the types of chickens we have on the farm include Polish, Speckled Sussex, Little Red Bantams, Buff Orpingtons, and Guineas Hens.

We also welcome baby chicks to the farm each June so the campers get to experience the lifecycle of a chicken every summer. Our chickens are free-range and fed strictly organic food, which yields the freshest eggs. Stop by to pick up a dozen or two!

Tranquil Pond


There is nothing more calming than sitting by the pond at Diettrich Farm and hearing the water trickle over the stones. Watch the turtles sunbathe on the rocks and the frogs hop around in their beautiful habitat. Not a day goes by that kids aren’t learning about pond life, chasing frogs, and admiring the turtles. All critters are always returned to their homes at the end of the day.

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