About Diettrich Farm


There’s no place quite like Diettrich Farm. Tucked away in the countryside of Salem, Wisconsin, the farm’s secluded location allows for a peaceful environment for people of all ages to surround themselves with nature and embrace farm life. We offer horseback riding lessons, camps, local and national retreats, and horse boarding.

Owned and operated by Lynn Diettrich, Diettrich Farm has been in business since 1987. Our facilities include top-notch amenities and riding areas for you to enjoy, including an indoor arena, observation deck, multiple tack rooms, event and educational space and more.
All of our clients also get direct access to 13 miles of trails inside the state park next door, the Richard Bong State Recreation Area.

Diettrich Farm has something for everyone, regardless of skill level or riding style. We welcome children and adults into our different programs so people of all ages can experience the farm's magic. Building a relationship with a horse is a unique experience, and it brings us great joy to form a part of that lifelong journey with our horses and clients.

Diettrich Farm Approach


Diettrich Farm has been owned and operated by Lynn Diettrich since 1987. Her goal is to provide an environment where people can grow in their relationships with their horses. She creates a place where horses are valued, safe, and thriving under her dedicated care.

Lynn has been a student of horsemanship for most of her life. She has a strong background in safety, with a Horsemanship Safety Association certificate. Her approach to continual learning includes a Certificate Level I with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (Eagala), and many years of hands-on study with experts, such as Lee Smith, Ray Hunt, Tom Nagel, and John Harms.

Whether you're boarding your horse, taking lessons, or attending a retreat, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your relationship with your horse. Lynn will help you find balance in the saddle, attune yourself to the horse’s rhythm, and/or work on a technique. Her disciplines include English, Western, trail, and pleasure.

Prepare to take a self-illuminating journey of understanding your horse’s perceptions. Lynn is a patient and positive teacher that works with both children and adults of all skill levels. With her expert skill set and years of experience, she seamlessly helps riders rise to their potential with a new awareness of horsemanship.

Our mission


Diettrich Farm promotes connection, resilience, and consciousness for the community through horsemanship, retreats, and nature-based experiences.

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