Our Horses

at Diettrich Farm


The Master Teacher

Admiral is a Pony of the Americas (POA), which is a cross between a Welsh pony and an Appaloosa. He is in his 30s and has been at Diettrich Farm for over 10 years. He loves the little ones and has the patience of a saint.


The Tall Gentleman

Cosmo is an Appendix Spotted Appaloosa horse who loves to jump. He has been on the farm for many years and is a fabulous teacher. We're blessed to have him contribute his wisdom to our students.


The Traveler   

Gabe is a Morgan horse that has been to South Dakota, North Carolina, and northern Wisconsin. He loves a good adventure! Gabe has been here for over 12 years and is a confident teacher who always wants to help.


The Mustang Ambassador

Journey came from the Nevada range when she was four and has been with us for three years. Journey loves farm life and gets along well with everyone. She helps us be able to share the Mustang horse plight in the U.S.


The Shy Guy

Magic is a Quarter Horse that has been with us for a few years. He loves the trails and participating more in lessons. Magic is working on his confidence and trusts us more every day. He has grown so much already!


The OG

Nate is a registered Quarter Horse that has been with us since 1997. He is 30 and still loves doing lessons and camps. Nate loves when students pick him to be their teacher. His favorite thing to do is go on the trail.


The Superstar

Outlaw is our famous horse, with many All-American Quarter Horse Congress winnings from his youth. He is very funny and keeps students on their toes. Outlaw loves summer camp and is the smoothest ride on the farm.


The Peaceful Leader  

Renada is a registered Quarter Horse that has been at Diettrich Farm since 2008. She has traveled all over the U.S. with Lynn. Renada always makes Lynn laugh with her subtle ways of teaching. She is truly a gift to the lesson program.


The Ambitious One

Sarah is a Saddlebred horse with pinto coloring. She was pretty green at first but very willing to learn. Her curiosity and trust make her a wonderful addition to Diettrich Farm. Sarah even went on our South Dakota trip this year!


The Challenge Lover

Snickers is a wonderful POA pony that loves being groomed and fawned over. He definitely has limits to what he will tolerate, but Snickers is a fantastic teacher and really loves kids. When we play games, he is the master.


The Racehorse Ambassador   

Sophie is a former racehorse. She is a very sweet and loving girl that is slowly being brought into our lesson program. The racing industry is very cruel, and Sophie is here to help tell the story of what happens to these horses.

In Loving Memory



Liberty was a former barrel racer and treasured teacher at Diettrich Farm for over 15 years.

New beginnings start here

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